Items available after 5:00 and Sunday from 12-7


Chicken Wings
    1/2 dozen $6.00
    1 dozen $8.20


     BBQ, Butter&Garlic, Honey

     Mustard, Parmesan,

     Teriyaki, Clubhouse Special,

     Hot, Bill's Extra Hot, Hot

     Butter&Garlic, Old Bay


Special request for all drums, or all flats has a $2.50 extra charge per order

Request for extra sauce is $.50 per order


Clubhouse Fries


with cheese and bacon


Hand Tossed Pizza


Toppings $1.40 each

Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage,

Bacon, Onions, Olives,

Mushrooms, Green Peppers


Specialty Pizza  $14.99

      White Pizza,

      Buffalo  Chicken,

      Antipasti Pizza,

      Philly Cheese Steak Pizza


Toasted Texan $4.25

   Hamburger on grilled cheese

   made with Cheddar and

   topped with bacon and

   BBQ sauce